Quantum & Optical Technology

Our news and achievements

Hermite-Gaussian microscopy

We have developed a microscope that overcomes the diffraction limit without any interaction with the object.


Our graduates

We have good news: Artem Ivanov, Stepan Makarenko and Georgy Grechko defended their graduation theses:

Artem Ivanov and Stepan Makarenko received a Master's degree, Georgy Grechko - a Bachelor's degree! Congratulations, Colleagues!

Nonlinear Optics Course

Anatoly Masalov began to teach a course in nonlinear optics.

New students

We have admitted new students.

Stepan Makarenko, Alexander Korbashov, Georgy Grechko, Timur Iunusov, Ekaterina Mironova, Konstantin Manannikov, Egor Konukhov.



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