D. W. Berry and A. I. Lvovsky

Preservation of loss in linear-optical processing

Physical Review A 84, 042304 (2011)



B. He, A. MacRae, Y. Han, A. I. Lvovsky and C. Simon

Transverse multimode effects on the performance of photon-photon gates

Physical Review A 83, 022312 (2011)



S. Rahimi-Keshari, A. Scherer, A. Mann, A. T. Rezakhani, A. I. Lvovsky and B. C. Sanders

Quantum process tomography with coherent states

New Journal of Physics 13, 013006 (2011) [Selected for New Journal of Physics Highlights of 2011]



Y. Chi, B. Qi, W. Zhu, L. Qian, H.-K. Lo, S.-H. Youn, A. I. Lvovsky and L. Tian

A balanced homodyne detector for high-rate Gaussian-modulated coherent-state quantum key distribution

New Journal of Physics 13, 013003 (2011)



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