A. V. Masalov, A. Kuzhamuratov and A. I. Lvovsky

Noise spectra in balanced optical detectors based on transimpedance amplifiers

Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 113109 (2017)





D. Sychev, A. E. Ulanov, A. A. Pushkina, M. W. Richards, I. A. Fedorov and A. I. Lvovsky

Enlargement of optical Schrödinger’s cat states

Nature Photonics 11, 379-382 (2017)



I. A. Fedorov, A. E. Ulanov, Y. Kurochkin and A. I. Lvovsky

Synthesis of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement in a sequence of two single-mode squeezers

Optics Letters 42, 132 – 134 (2016)



A. E. Ulanov, D. Sychev, A. A. Pushkina, I. A. Fedorov and A. I. Lvovsky

Quantum Teleportation Between Discrete and Continuous Encodings of an Optical Qubit

Physical Review Letters 118, 160501 (2017)





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