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Fully reconfigurable coherent optical vector-matrix multiplication

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Production and applications of non-Gaussian quantum states of light




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Quantum-enhanced interferometry with large heralded photon-number states

npj Quantum Information 6, 89 (2020)



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Interferobot: aligning an optical interferometer by a reinforcement learning agent

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33, 13238-13248 (2020)



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Comprehensive model and performance optimization of phase-only spatial light modulators

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Darkness of two-mode squeezed light in Lambda-type atomic system

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Exploratory Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

Proceedings of Thirty-fourth AAAI conference on artificial intelligence, 3243-3250 (2020)



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An optical Eratosthenes’ sieve for large prime numbers

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Engineering Schrödinger cat states with a photonic even-parity detector

Quantum 4, 239 (2020)



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