A. A. Pushkina, G. Maltese, J. I. Costa-Filho, P. Patel and A. I. Lvovsky

Superresolution Linear Optical Imaging in the Far Field

Physical Review Letters 127, 253602 (2021)


Stepan Makarenko, Dmitry Sorokin, Alexander Ulanov and A. I. Lvovsky

Aligning an optical interferometer with beam divergence control and continuous action space



Arsen Kuzhamuratov, Dmitry Sorokin, Alexander Ulanov and A. I. Lvovsky

Adaptation of Quadruped Robot Locomotion with Meta-Learning



D.A. Chermoshentsev, A.O. Malyshev, E.S. Tiunov, D. Mendoza, A. Aspuru-Guzik, A.K. Fedorov and A.I. Lvovsky

Polynomial unconstrained binary optimisation inspired by optical simulation



D. Beloborodov, A. E. Ulanov, J. Foerster, S. Whiteson and A. I. Lvovsky

Reinforcement learning enhanced quantum-inspired algorithm for combinatorial optimization

Machine Learning: Science and Technology, Volume 2, 025009 (2021)


Xianxin Guo, Thomas D. Barrett, Zhiming M. Wang and A.I. Lvovsky

Backpropagation through nonlinear units for the all-optical training of neural networks

Photonics Research 9, B71-B80 (2021)


D. Drahi, D. V. Sychev, K. K. Pirov, E. A. Sazhina, V. A. Novikov, I. A. Walmsley and A. I. Lvovsky

Entangled resource for interfacing single- and dual-rail optical qubits

Quantum 5, 416 (2021)


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